YouTube Music introduces real-time lyrics and other new features to compete with rivals


YouTube Music, which offers a vast library of songs, has been criticized for its lack of features. In response, the Google-owned company has been working hard to introduce new features to bring the app up to par with its competitors. One such feature is real-time lyrics, which is already available on various third-party apps but is now being implemented on YouTube Music as well.

The feature allows users to sing along to their favorite songs by displaying the lyrics on the screen and highlighting each line as it is sung. According to 9to5Google, the feature is being rolled out on both Android and iPhones, although the Android version currently lacks any visual effects in the lyrics tab. In contrast, the iPhone version has a background blur effect, making it a more visually engaging experience. Reddit users have shared screenshots showing that the real-time lyrics feature has already been enabled on their devices.

In addition to this feature, YouTube Music has also introduced several others recently. For instance, it now displays song and album credits, allowing users to view the credits for each song and album they listen to. It has also introduced a feature that automatically downloads recently played songs for Android users, downloading a maximum of 200 songs. However, there is currently no dedicated playlist for recently played songs in the Library tab.

The feature was initially introduced in mid-January and was highlighted in YouTube Music’s February 2023 New Features Highlights. While it became widely available to Android users last month, it is not yet available for iOS users.

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