Twitter to Remove Legacy Verified Badges in Effort to Enhance Verification Process


Twitter has recently announced that it will be revoking its legacy verified badges from next month. The social media platform has stated that the move is aimed at ensuring that the verification process remains as accurate and transparent as possible.

The verification process on Twitter is a way for users to confirm their identities and establish themselves as credible sources of information. The blue badge next to a user’s name is an indication that the account has been verified and is legitimate. The badge has long been a coveted symbol of status on the platform.

However, the verification process on Twitter has come under scrutiny in recent years. The platform has been criticized for verifying accounts that do not necessarily meet the criteria for verification, and for failing to verify accounts that do meet the criteria.

In response to these concerns, Twitter has made a number of changes to its verification process. One of the most significant changes is the revocation of legacy verified badges. These badges were issued before the current verification criteria were established, and some of the accounts that have these badges may not meet the current criteria.

Starting next month, Twitter will begin to remove these badges from accounts that do not meet the current verification criteria. The platform has stated that it will contact affected users and provide them with information on how they can reapply for verification under the new criteria.

The new verification criteria on Twitter are designed to be more transparent and objective. They include requirements such as a complete profile with a profile picture and header image, a confirmed email address and phone number, and adherence to the platform’s rules and policies.

Overall, the revocation of legacy verified badges on Twitter is a positive step towards ensuring that the platform’s verification process is accurate and transparent. By removing badges that were issued under previous, less stringent criteria, Twitter can help to maintain the integrity of the verification process and ensure that only legitimate accounts are verified.

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