The Future of Children’s Footwear: Aretto’s Sustainable, Comfortable, and Growth-Friendly Shoes with Innovative Technology


Aretto, the innovative children’s shoe company founded by Satyajit Mittal and Krutika Lal, is shaking up the footwear industry with their revolutionary designs that cater to the needs of growing feet. Aretto has created shoes that expand up to three sizes, adapt to the natural foot shape, and support cognitive and sensory development in children.

Their patented technology, SuperGrooves™, is a game-changer in the industry. The grooves built into the sole expand and bloom open, adapting to the millimetric growth of a child’s feet, resulting in a shoe size expansion that is organic and unique to the wearer. The shoe adapts to the child’s foot, rather than forcing the foot to adapt to the shoe, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Additionally, Aretto uses ARETTO SQUISHY FOAM™, a jelly-soft memory foam insole that provides exceptional comfort and padding to little feet. This reduces pressure that can build up in shoes, and allows fussy kids to go sockless altogether.

The shoe upper is fashioned from INFI-KNIT™, a patented 3D knit fabric that is stretchable, highly durable, and breathable. The material has 360° flexibility and will comfortably accommodate growing feet by stretching up to three sizes. Aretto’s sustainability efforts use additive manufacturing to ensure zero fabric waste during production.

Aretto’s focus on Barefoot technology and an optimum sole thickness of 4mm ensures that children’s feet are protected from the ground while still feeling its sensations. This stimulates nerve endings and helps bolster cognitive and sensory brain development in children.

The shoes are designed to be comfortable and durable, able to withstand the rough and tumble of everyday use. They are anti-skid, easy to slip in and out of, and have a sturdy toe box to protect against nasty toe stubs. The fabric is sweat-resistant, and the overall product is earth-friendly, making it a thoughtful choice for parents who care about their child’s development and the environment.

Satyajit Mittal, Co-Founder, and CEO has a love for shoes that rivals his love for food. Krutika Lal, Co-Founder, and CMO, when she’s not making power pitches, can be found cuddling a dog or planning a trip. Their shared passion for creating shoes that cater to the unique needs of growing children has resulted in a product that is unmatched in comfort, adaptability, and sustainability.

Aretto is not just a shoe company; it’s a company that is changing the way we think about children’s shoes. With their innovative designs, Aretto is creating shoes that adapt to the natural growth of children’s feet, promoting healthy development, and providing unmatched comfort. Parents everywhere can rest easy knowing that their children’s growing feet are in good hands with Aretto.

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