Ximena Varela

Ximena Varela is a well known fashion designer and influencer from Montevideo, Uruguay. Although raised in a small and traditional country she has became famous for her unique fashion designs, and it’s considered an example of enterprising woman, building her name for more than ten years in the industry. Ximena shares her outfits and lifestyle in social media, but also finds the responsibility as an influencer for showing herself the more authentic and real she can be. She helps and supports causes

such as cancer and depression. With 35 years old has traveled to a lot of countries, and attended social and fashion events across the world, being invited to New York Fashion Week. She has also worked with local and international brands and companies such as Tiendamia, L’Oréal, Vogue, Peppers, Converse All Star, Milano, Versace. 

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