A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Successful Document Controller


Sunil Butolia’s book “Guide to Become a Document Controller” is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to pursue a career in document control. The book provides a step-by-step guide to understanding the role and responsibilities of a document controller and offers practical advice on how to excel in this field.

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The author starts by defining what document control is and why it is crucial for organizations to have a robust document control system in place. He then delves into the various aspects of document control, such as document classification, storage, retrieval, and distribution. Butolia also covers the different types of documents that document controllers are responsible for, including contracts, drawings, and specifications.

What sets this book apart is its focus on the practical aspects of document control. Butolia includes real-world examples and case studies that help readers understand how document control is applied in different industries. He also provides tips on how to manage documents effectively, such as creating a document control plan, maintaining a document register, and conducting regular audits.

Another highlight of the book is the section on document control software. Butolia explains the different types of software available and how they can be used to streamline document control processes. He also provides a detailed guide on how to select the right software for your organization.

Buy Now! Guide to Become a Document Controller

Overall, “Guide to Become a Document Controller” is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to become a successful document controller. The book is easy to read and provides practical advice and tips that can be applied in the workplace. Highly recommended for aspiring document controllers and professionals looking to expand their knowledge of document control.

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