How to control windows 10 to reduce data usage in laptop


When I bought a computer for the first time in 2010 for learning computer at home, I was not able to install a broadband connection, so I used to surf by connecting internet to computer from my mobile only.

When I bought my own laptop in 2018, I thought to connect internet through mobile, but what is this, my laptop started drinking data like water. Where in desktop I used to use 5 GB of internet from morning to evening for the whole month, now even 2 GB of internet was not able to work for even 1 hour in laptop.

Then I searched online “How to Stop Windows 10 From Using So Much Data?

So I got to know some essential settings which I am going to tell you today so that you can reduce data usage in laptop? 😊.

Setting 1 – Windows update

First of all you go to start menu and click on run and search for “services.msc” command, then press OK.
By doing this a service window will open in front of you where all the services of the Windows will be visible to you.
Here, you have to come down and double click on “Windows Update” option.
Here you will be able to see the settings related to Windows update, in this you have to choose “Disabled” in Startup type.
And click on “Stop” in Service status, then apply and finally click on OK.

Setting 2 – Metered connection

In this, you have to open the wifi icon from the task bar by right clicking on it and clicking on “open network and internet settings”.

Here you can see that the name of the mobile data you are connected to will appear, now click on its “Properties”.

A new window will open in which you will see the option of metered connection when you come down, in this you have to click on ON so that the metered connection will be implemented in your laptop. Now you come out.

Metered connection

However, due to these two options, now I can use internet through mobile in my laptop and my mobile internet costs very less.

However, apart from this it also depends on what kind of software you use in your laptop. Because maybe some software has the ability to automatically upload your local files to the cloud server.

Then that software will use your mobile data only. And the more files, the sooner your data will end, so for this check the cloud storage application whether it is enabled or disabled to sync files. Microsoft “OneDrive” is one such cloud backup application.

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